Episode 5 – Free Camping in the Snowy Mountains

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In this Van Life Australia episode we take our Sprinter campervan Marlee down to Lake Blowering in the Snowy Mountains to park up at a beautiful free camp for a few days.

Surrounded by birds, kangaroos, mountains and of course the gorgeous Blowering Dam, it was the perfect spot to enjoy some quiet time before heading to the coast.

We honestly think Lake Blowering may be one of the best free camps in New South Wales for van lifers, and can’t wait to head back here again for another little getaway.

Afterwards we made our way along the Snowy Mountains Highway and stumbled across a huge herd of wild brumbies. What a special way to end our time in the area.

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Marlee and Lake Blowering
What a spot to park Marlee!


What……..that’s where we’re camping tonight?! Right beside that lake!

Hi we’re Alesha and Jarryd. Welcome to another episode.

Join us as we travel around Australia in our Sprinter van Marlee. Subscribe and let’s see what this beautiful country has to offer.

Welcome back to another episode. We left the Sydney area and headed down south towards the Victorian border.

Unfortunately while we were heading down south this happened….

Yep the border closed and we couldn’t enter the state.

So we decided to wait it out at a beautiful camp by Lake Blowering in New South Wales.

We have set up camp now. Where we staying Jazz?

We are staying near Lake Blowering or Blowering Dam. These Aussie towns and places you don’t actually know how to pronounce anything because they always give everything a different pronunciation.

What’s the camp called?

The camp is called Humes Crossing, that one I know. It’s free. You just have to register online at $6.

If you stay 1 night it’s $6, if you say 7 nights at $6 for the registration.

This is our view.

Lake Blowering Window View

It is school holidays so we’ve let the kids down there with their boats have all down by the side of the water.

We have got the birds and the quietness up here.

Hopefully we’re hoping a wombat comes wandering over so this is the campsite. There’s a lot of shade. Lots of trees.

Just be careful about some of them especially like this guy. You got to be careful of their branches in case they’re on a windy day they might fall. We’re nowhere near this tree.

This is it. You got lake views.

There’s also a drop toilet up there but do bring your own toilet paper because there’s none there.

This is what we have been up to, haven’t we Jazz.

We’ve been working a lot. This is our view every day have a look at our view.

We’ve just left the campsite and across the road from the campsite is a fire trail. We’re just following the fire trail and just going for a little walk and stretching our legs because we’ve been in the van working all day.

There’s no way we could stay at this place without going for a swim in that lake out there. So that’s exactly what we just did.

Snowy Mountains Lake Blowering Humes Crossing Free Camp
Lake Blowering is a beautiful spot in the Snowy Mountains.

We forgot to take the GoPro with us but we went and had a dive in Lake Blowering or Blowering Dam and the water was a lot warmer than we ever could have expected.

I mean being up in Snowy Mountains I thought it was going to be very chilly.

It would have been chilly the last few days because of the storms. Maybe it could have been cold but yeah today it was totally fine so had a little dip, we’re gonna have a quick shower.

Then I think we’re gonna pack up and get ready to move on to the next campground. We’ll just drive and see where we end up tonight.

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We decided to head towards the coast and we had to do this crazy little route to go down and back up again because we weren’t allowed to enter the state of the ACT.

We just saw a heap of wild brumby horses and it was amazing. They just kept appearing out of nowhere in the grass.

I didn’t take the video camera because I got too excited.

We had the zoom on the camera and I just ran off and took photos with the zoom.

Here are some photos now of what we got of the horses but i’m sorry there’s no video

We just passed over another mountain range. Oh my gosh this is so beautiful.

We ended up making it to the coast and stayed at a camp called Congo Campground.
It is in the national park so you do need a New South Wales national park pass.

It’s $25 for two people for the campsite.

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Thanks for watching guys and we’ll see you on the next adventure.

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