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We had been trying to find wombats in New South Wales for weeks, and while looking for some awesome free camps around the state on WikiCamps we stumbled upon Bendeela Recreation Area down in the Kangaroo Valley.

It’s known to be one of the best campsites in NSW, and when we arrived we could see why.


If you want to know where you can see wombats in Australia, especially if you’re doing a van life trip in the country, definitely stop by Bendeela Campground and see why it’s one of our favourite spots ever.

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Wombat and Marlee
A wombat with Marlee in the background.


Holy crap!

We just saw a family looking at it, and we were like “what is that? What are they looking at?”

And it’s a …………

This week we’re heading out to an awesome little campsite with some furry little creatures that I am absolutely obsessed with.

Hi we’re Alesha and Jarryd and welcome to another episode. Join us as we travel around Australia in our Sprinter van Marlee.

Subscribe and let’s see what this beautiful country has to offer.

There, that’s what we have to see. A wombat.

So we’re heading out to Bendeela and the campground is closed right now (because of the health situation) but it is open for day use.

And it is known for wombats.

Apparently there are a lot of wombats that hang out there. We’ve already passed four signs saying beware of the wombats.

And we are really really hoping that a wombat just happens to walk by when we arrive.

That would be absolutely amazing.

We’ve both never seen a wombat in the wild before.

We’ve seen them at zoos but just never in the wild so let’s cross our fingers.

I got excited for two ticks because there’s a bit of a rock over there and when we quickly looked at it I was like, “oh it’s a wombat” but it’s not.

It’s just a rock that’s kind of shaped like a wombat and but it’s not a wombat.

So we’re still on the hunt for a wombat.

It is windy here though you can probably hear it in the speaker. It is windy but look how beautiful it is.

You got some kangaroos over there.

Kangas where’s the wombats?

We found a wombat hole.

This one’s a wombat hole with a view right on the river.

Did you guys know that wombats poo cube like? Jarryd’s been telling me that.

I’ve been looking at the poo around this area. I have not seen a cube yet.

You have to trust me that wombats poo cubes, they’re cube shits.

Well I keep looking all at every bit of poo I see and none of them is cubed and I’m sure there would be wombats somewhere.

See he came out did a poo with the view didn’t find any wombats but there is their poo. It’s kind of cubish-like I guess.

I guess Jarryd was semi-right.

Yeah they’re kind of like little pellet style I reckon.

Scratching Wombat
A super cute wombat! So happy we found one.

We just looked over and spotted some family looking at something.

It’s a bloody wombat but we’re hoping it’s still there.

Oh my gosh.

I think it. I think it is.


Holy crap!

We just saw a family looking at it and we were like, “What is that? What are they looking at?”


Oh my gosh look at him!

Guys look at him!

Hey buddy! What a cutie. He is massive. Absolutely humongous.

So we’re just chilling out on the grass there with the wombat. Laying down keeping our distance, about 2 meters back. And just watching the wombat do its thing.

And this car pulled up and his family gets out. And the mum comes up to us and goes, “Oh you know you can pat the wombats?”

And we looked at her and said, “I don’t think you can. There’s signs everywhere saying don’t pat. It is a wild animal.”

And she kind of goes, “Oh well I pet it before it’s fine.”

And then she gets her daughter and goes, “Quick run in there and get a photo!”

And so the little kid comes running up to the wombat and accidentally kicks it! Not on purpose, but you know she gets too close to the wombat and kicks it.

The wombat gets scared of course and just turns around and bolts into the bushes.

The mum goes, “Oh off it goes. Okay see you guys later.”

She gets back in the car and just drives off.

If you’re going to come out here and you’re going to spend time with the wombats have respect for the animal. Keep your distance, don’t touch, do not feed. Please respect the animal in its own environment.

So we’re super excited to see the wombats and other people will be too because this place is famous for them, but if other people are going to run up and pet them and accidentally kick them then it’s not going to come back.

Hopefully that one that’s not scarred for life and it does come back.

It was cute when we got to see it. It was so adorable.

Alesha and Wombat
Alesha and the wombat.

Guys it’s a wombat, there’s Alesha taking photos of the wombat.

We’re back in the van now and we’re heading off to the next destination. We highly recommend this place. It was absolutely amazing.

We’re bummed that we couldn’t stay but we totally understand because of the whole situation that’s happening in the world, but definitely look it up.

If it’s open, go stay there. It’s absolutely free and you get to see those gorgeous wombats.

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Thanks for watching guys and we’ll see you on the next adventure.

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