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Our first stop of our van life Australia road trip was the gorgeous coastal town of Kiama.

We were only meant to stay here for 2 nights, but with it being best known for the beautiful blowholes, long stretches of white sand beaches and the Bombo Quarry Headland, we ended up extending our stay for a week!

There are so many incredible things to do in Kiama, and it was the perfect place to kick off our trip around Australia.

We spent a few nights at a free camp outside of town, then stayed at the Kendalls by the Beach Caravan Park and highly recommend it.

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Happy adventures, Alesha and Jarryd

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There it is good morning Kiama

Hi we’re Alesha and Jarryd and welcome to another episode join us as we travel around Australia in our sprinter van Marlee subscribe and let’s see what this beautiful country has to offer

We’ve come down to shoot the Cathedral Cave. That’s the cathedral just there Jarryd’s in the cave right now he’s a little bit braver than I walking along the rocks so I’ve just been filming around this area and really enjoying the peaceful times crashing of the waves so nice

I had to get a little bit of work done today and I was checking Google Maps and saw that Bombo Beach has got a car park and a toilet block so we thought we’d drive on up here park the van to get a little bit of work done and we managed to find a spot with a pretty epic view. Look at that.

So we’re gonna set the table up here chill out work for a few hours and then we can go out exploring.

We decided to stay in the caravan park tonight so we’re at Kendall’s on the Beach in Kiama and we’re just gonna chill out for the rest of the evening.

I think we’re just gonna have a few beers and some snacks a bit of an early dinner and then get back into some photo editing so another successful fun day in Kiama looking forward to seeing what tomorrow has to offer. Cheers

Holy moly!

We’ve come back down to Bombo quarry for sunrise and the surf is way bigger than it was yesterday. It’s uh very crazy very impressive but it’s not actually safe to get right up to it and photograph it.

So I’ve been gone for a little bit of a walk trying to find a different perspective where you can still see the waves smashing up against these basalt columns while staying safe and dry.

I think I might have found a spot so I’m going to go back collect the cameras and see if I can relocate and check it out probably get the drone up soon too because what I can’t get with me standing there I can definitely fly the drone to get to.

We felt like there was so much to do in Kiama and we started to stress ourselves out because we were like we just don’t have enough time here we felt really overwhelmed.

So we booked into a caravan park for two nights and we actually extended it over the long weekend so it’s giving us more time to explore the area get the photographs we want and just take our time and not stress.

Yeah i think it was probably the best thing that we could have done because I mean Kiama is just so beautiful and there are so many amazing places to check out.

So we’ve come down to the big blowhole here in Kiama. It’s one of the spots that I think this place is most famous for and basically what you’ve got is this volcanic rock here there’s a chamber in the cave water comes pummelling into the chamber, creates a bunch of upward pressure and water shoots out there and it’s a pretty amazing spectacle especially on the day like today when the surf is pumping.

Bombo Quarry Drone Shot
The Bombo Quarry getting hammered by the big surf. Shot on our drone.

This is the cave where the water comes pummelling into the blowhole it goes through here hits the chamber and then it explodes right there.

I timed that really well, I’ll stick with that!

Because of all the basalt rocks they have around the coastline they built this lighthouse in 1887 to help warn ship faring captains that uh you gotta be careful of the insane rocks and you don’t you know kind of hit them and come unstuck in the ocean.

Imagine in the past like little lanterns and they had to light them with fuel every night and do all that, yeah they just have a bunch of candles up there yeah I’ve been very interested now you just have an iPhone light.

If you walk on up from Kendall’s on the Beach Caravan Park here this little hiking trail that cuts up to the little blowhole so we’re gonna go check that out.

And I think we’re gonna get some perfect light when we get up there as well and the surf’s been pumping as you guys saw a little bit earlier on, so I think the blowhole is going to be really active and going quite insane.

Actually even just this trail though I mean you get some amazing views right here of this jagged rocky coastline around Kiama.

We just got back to Kendall’s on the beach caravan park and because it’s a long weekend they’re almost fully booked so we did have to move to them but uh they put us in a spot that’s got ocean views.

It doesn’t get much better than that eh what do you think?

Well that’s it for our time here in Kiama that was an awesome last breakfast overlooking the beach there we’re just packing up the van now ready to head to Jervis Bay.

That’s our next stop we’re super excited to check out that place as well as we’ve heard many good things about it, but if you’re coming through Kiama we highly recommend stopping.

It is a great place for doing the coastal walk also photography you can just chill out and really take in the coastal views but anyway till next time guys.

Thanks for watching we’ll see you next week if you like the video hit that thumbs up button don’t forget to subscribe and turn on notifications as we bring out a new video every week thanks for watching guys and we’ll see you on the next adventure.

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