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In this Van Life Australia episode we take Marlee down to the beautiful Sapphire Coast in New South Wales to check out the stunning coastal walks out to Horse Head Rock and the Australian fur seals in Narooma.

The region is spectacular, and we had plans to explore a bit more around here then cross into Victoria.

But unfortunately we had to change our plans due to you-know-what.

Rather than sit around a free campground waiting for borders to open, we decided to drive inland towards the Snowy Mountains, with a few stops at Candelo and Myrtle Mountain on the way to Jindabyne.

The drive was stunning, as you can expect in southern New South Wales (we even found real life miniature donkeys!!!), and we can’t wait to continue our van life trip to Tasmania as soon as restrictions ease.

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This is the view out towards Bega.

They are so cute! You’re so beautiful and it’s so green right now.

Hi, we’re Alesha and Jarryd and welcome to another episode. Join us as we travel around Australia in our Sprinter van Marlee. Subscribe and let’s see what this beautiful country has to offer.

Welcome back to another week traveling around Australia. This week we headed down south along the coast and then inland to Jindabyne.

We stopped off at Narooma to see the sea lions chilling. But they were fast asleep. Then we headed down to Bermagui to do some trail walking out to Horse Head Rock. Then it was off to Bega to stay for a couple of nights.

Horse Head Rock Bermagui
Horse Head Rock in Bermagui.

Hey guys, we are off again. We’re on the move. We’re heading inland to another campground and we’re just going to find a spot, a beautiful spot as always we do.

Jarryd looked up last night on the map and found a heap on WikiCamps.

So we’re just heading this way because unfortunately the showgrounds we’re staying at it is closed because of the health issue that’s happening right now in the world.

I’m not going to mention it because Youtube will penalise me.

Anyway so we are moving inland and we’re going to try and find another free spot and keep away from people. So we’ve come to the town of, what is this called?


Candelo, and we stopped at this little cute cafe. It’s got like old heritage buildings that they’ve turned into like a courtyard for the cafe and yeah it’s super funky.

Twisty Alpine Way Roads
Epic driving conditions around the south coast.

Just stopped off at Myrtle Mountain Lookout which is on Myrtle Mountain of course. Just going for a little bit of a walk around here.

You get beautiful views out to the north out towards Bega.

Over the valleys, you’ve got mountains in the distance. It’s just stunning and there are all kinds of huge eucalypt trees around here as well which used to be perfect food for koalas.

Back in the 1950s apparently koalas were everywhere around here, but because of all the threats that they received now from feral animals and of course logging and cars hitting them, unfortunately the koala population is on a big decline and it’s very rare to see them up here on Myrtle Mountain now.

But if you’re super lucky you may spot one!

If you do you’ve got to report it to the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Services so they can actually come out here and protect it further and do more research and try to campaign to keep protecting this koala habitat.

But for now we’ll just go for a walk around the lookout area.

There’s like a picnic spot you can hang out at and it’s just so beautiful up here.

You got the sun coming through big trees, it’s just glorious.

This is the view out towards Bega to the north. So beautiful and it’s so green right now.

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This area it looks like was affected by the fires as well a bit. A lot of the trees on the right hand side are burnt, but there’s growth coming back which is absolutely amazing to see.

It is stunning highly recommend driving this road, 100 percent.

We drove along the road and we spotted this really cool old train station. It’s more like a shack or a hut just off the side of the road so we pulled over take some photos and then we realised there were miniature donkeys here!

We heard some noises and we thought it was horses laying down, and we got closer and it had a little sign saying miniature donkeys.

They’re so cute! This one loves pats.

Look how many there are over there!

You do love pats don’t you. Oh you’re so cute, and then they’re all over there, there’s just a bunch of them

Us Miniature Donkeys
Us and the Miniature Donkeys!

After that long day of driving we finally made it to Jindabyne. We’re staying at the Adventist Alpine Village which is located just outside of town.

We stayed for a few days and went up to Thredbo and did some mountain biking.

The area is absolutely beautiful and we highly recommend definitely spending a few days and exploring the area.

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Thanks for watching guys and we’ll see you on the next adventure.

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