Best Camping Table Choices of 2023 | Top 10 Tables for Camping

Looking for the best camping table to take with you on your next road trip? Here are our top recommendations!

We didn’t drive all this way to cook dinner inside. A good camping table helps you enjoy the sunset and spread your wings while on the road.

You can’t sit back and relax if you’ve got nowhere to put your beverage. Once the work of planning the trip is over and your rig makes it to camp, your camping table could be the first thing out of the car. 

Tables are often left off the best camping accessories checklist, but car camping brings with it a certain level of luxury and its absolute silliness to head out without four quality legs in the back seat. 

A camping table sounds simple at first, but once you start digging deeper, you’ll find there are loads of moving pieces.

Campers want the table with the most tabletop space but the least amount of room taken up in the car, and striking that perfect balance isn’t easy. Portable tables have to take into account weight, shape, and efficiency to earn their place at the top of the market. 

camping table with coffee and stove

Plus, our camping tables have to hold strong through rough weather or uneven surfaces. There are loads of cheap tables that will hold up dinner on asphalt, but you’ll have to shop more carefully for tables suitable for the woods. 

That’s where this ultimate buying guide is headed. We watched how the best camping tables made life easier at campsites and watched our friends struggle to carry them there. Here are the fruits of our labor. 

We’ll look at the best available models and explore how to choose the best table for your adventure so you’ll have everything you need to make a decision. 


REI Camp Prep Table

Our editor’s choice must be suitable for practically every adventure, and this camp prep table is ready for anything.

REI ships this table with maximum durability thanks to the individually adjustable legs and a flexible tabletop that can take different shapes.

It’s got just enough high-tech features and a fantastic price point to rank as the best overall camping table.

REI Coop Camping Table

The Best Camping Tables

It was no easy task to qualify for our list of the ten best camping tables. We took a look at manufacturers’ pedigree and history and then zoomed in on their current tables for a better look.

We measured weight capacity, lightweight packaging, cooking space, and extra features to compile a few best-in-class options from the ground up. 




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REI Camp Prep Table

REI Coop Camp Table

This outdoor behemoth just keeps outperforming the competition. The Co-op’s house brand produces high-quality camping gear no matter what you’re shopping for.

So it was no surprise to see this particular table set the standard for the best camping tables on the market.

It was a surprise to see this sturdy table can support up to 100 lbs and has gone to plenty of lengths to tackle dinner. 

The Camp Prep is a bonafide all-arounder, light enough to accompany camping trips, large enough to bring extra orange slices on game day, and adjustable enough for food prep.

The aluminum legs work as leveling blocks for your portable camp table and let the fun begin on a level playing field. Adjust the legs and set up 

All this stability comes at a slight cost of mobility. The table weighs close to 20 pounds, but REI reinforced the carrying handle to help bear the load. 

Once set up, you have a long and balanced set-up that can hold two cutting boards and a camp stove.


  • Independently adjustable legs
  • Comes with a hefty carrying case
  • Reduces to a slim width


  • Slightly heavy for a truly portable table

Mountain Summit Heavy-Duty Roll-Top

Mountain Summit Camping Table

Another strong contender, the Mountain Summit Heavy Duty Roll-Top Table, presents a lighter path than the competition without sacrificing the tabletop surface.

The folding table condenses into a slim carry bag that can be slung over one shoulder and set up in mere moments. 

This particular model is the extra-large edition that rolls out to the size of a small buffet table. Powder-coated steel rolls uptight and expands at the campsite. The coating also made the steel frame weather-resistant and built to last. 

Aluminum x-frame construction across the portable folding table holds up to 70 pounds and feels sturdy underneath the knife. All of this durability in a relatively compact package certainly makes this portable camping table stand out from the crowd. 

While it’s still a touch large to carry more than a kilometer from the car, you’ll be glad to have so much room to play once you’ve set up this portable table.

Several size options help you find exactly what you’re looking forSlick surface
Fast set-upStill weighs a bit much to carry too far
Condenses down to a small size


  • Simple and effective
  • Can be locked with a key
  • Aerodynamic


  • Each bar is sold separately
  • Doesn’t work with a sunroof

Camp Chef Sherpa

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Your RV will be one step removed from food truck status if this camp chef de cuisine is stored in the back.

This one-stop dining table stop has enough space to eat dinner and keep your kitchen supplies in the same area.

Everything in your RV has to be multifunctional, and the Sherpa redefines what a multipurpose table can do. 

Don’t waste time running back and forth between your grill and your RV cupboards; take your entire kitchen with you in one hand, thanks to the four storage bags that line the table’s edge. 

Store your kitchen utensils and your cookstove together, or use the pouches as your portable kitchen’s personal pantry. All you’ll have to do to get dinner rolling is set up the camp chef sherpa table. 

The base weight of this bad boy is only 13.5 pounds, and adjustable legs will help reach the perfect height for cooking up a frenzy. The table won’t compact down to a tiny size, so it’s best suited for campervans with a few extra inches of storage space to spare for the suitable kit. 

Still, the amount of storage space these camp tables bring with them is a game-changer.


  • Enough storage space to be a genuinely portable kitchen 
  • Large enough to hold a camping stove
  • Plenty of height adjustment options


  • Difficult to find
  • Won’t condense very much 

 Kovea AL Bamboo One Action Table

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This folding camp table is the closest thing in the business to a sure thing. A crisp, real bamboo table sets up in seconds and brings luxury to your camping trip.

It looks and feels like a picnic table, with a treated finish that holds up strong against scratches and spills.

The table folds in half and compacts into a handy carry case but still weighs 22 pounds, so it won’t be an easy task to cart around. 

If you’re not concerned about carrying,  this table leads the way in most other categories. You’ll find powerful weight capacity, accessible storage, and a durable steel frame that feels like an actual dining table.  

With a table this fancy, you might look for a matching camp chair. The right table can do wonders for your productivity, and this outdoor table might just be Mr Right.

The only thing holding these portable camp tables down is their high price, but anyone who truly wants to take the plunge and find a foldable camping table built to last a decade will enjoy this table for years to come.


  • Looks fancier than the table in my apartment 
  • The surface is scratch-resistant 
  • You’ll feel so fancy you won’t believe you’re sleeping in the woods 


  • Bamboo is kind of heavy 
  • Doesn’t condense to a small size

ALPS Mountaineering dining table

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ALPS’ unique aluminum camping table can roll down to a surprisingly tight size.

When wrapped up in a carry bag, the tabletop only weighs 12 pounds, ranking it as one of the most portable camping table options on the market.

Each individual aluminum x frame of this Alps Mountaineering dining table can stack together until it drastically reduces in size, ready for transport.  

The edges of the steel frame fold and fit tightly into the adjustable legs. You’ll be able to get this camping table set up in a hurry once you’ve got the hang of the setup. Easy storage makes this an enticing car camping option for anyone who needs to save space. 

Just because it packs up small doesn’t mean it’s a mini table. The surface expands to 28″ X 43″ and condenses to 9″ X 34″, making this the best small camping table opening up to a considerable size. Other camp tables with this kind of cooking station are lucky to fold in half; this one drops down to a quarter of the width.

It sacrifices some convenience to get so small but keeps enough luxury to be a space-savers dream table.


  • Rolltop packs to a tiny size
  • Expands large enough to hold a camping stove 
  • Pops up in an instant


  • Carry bag is annoying to deal with 
  • Folding each bar back up the correct way takes some getting used to

Lifetime Adjustable

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What do marathons, high school dances, lemonade stands and community theatres have in common? They all serve drinks with the support of the iconic Lifetime table.

This unsung hero has made its way onto the sidelines of every event with an average budget, and now, Lifetime is going mobile. 

At 19 pounds, it won’t feel like anything is there, but it’s easy enough to cart to the campsite.

Maybe this is why so many events trust Lifetime: the table weight capabilities of this flexible option blow other camping tables out of the water. You can put 700 pounds on this sturdy table frame before it starts to buckle. 

That means you can comfortably stand on this table, although we only recommend it after you’ve had a few drinks.

Campers with very little space will wish the Lifetime option was adjustable in more ways than one, but anyone who wants a folding camping table that feels like a home dining table will love this piece of their portable kitchen. 


  • Maybe the most underappreciated table company on the market 
  • Large table folds completely in half to fit tight spaces
  • Supports up to 700 pounds 


  • Heavy for a portable table
  • You’ll be asked to bring it to every soccer game in the county 

Coleman 4-in-1

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You can’t have decent camping table reviews without mentioning Coleman.

They took a folding camping table and split it apart even further, allowing the table to transform from a dining table to a utility table in the blink of an eye.

It all starts with the frame’s aluminum construction that allows this camping table to adjust so freely.

You can stretch the table out for a long rectangular cook station or stack the two side by side for a square-shaped table. Its two small camping tables can join together to create one of the best dining table options in the great outdoors. 

Twice the table without the extra weight!?! Sign me up. That’s right, these lightweight, portable tables weigh only twelve pounds together, and quick trips can split apart the table at any time, and it will work as a side table.

Coleman has got loads of different products all over most campsites, and this ingenious table might be the best of the bunch.

Unfortunately, the table isn’t the most weather-resistant option of the bunch and might not hold up well to a few beatings. Stow it away well, and have two tables for the price of one when its time to set up camp. 


  • Four different table configurations in one bag 
  • Can be used as two separate tables
  • 300 lbs weight capacity 


  • Doesn’t do well against the rain 
  • Surprisingly low height 

ALPS Mountaineering Eclipse

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More than just a plastic table, this quirky camping option can bring game night into the woods on adventures big and small.

The table opens and closes like a typical camping chair, which vastly reduces the storage size.

It’s also one of the lightest representatives amongst the best folding camping tables.

Unlike camping chairs, this table brings enough space for chess. It’s most suitable as a multi-leveled side table. Down below, you’ll find four cup holders and the top-level stays taught to provide a great resting place for books, plates, and game pieces.

This camp table certainly can’t be leaned on like cooking or dining tables and won’t work as the only table in your RV. 

It’s the most niche fit on our list, but if you’re looking for a versatile side table, look no further. At only six pounds, this is the most straightforward table on our list to fit into tight spaces.

It may be a tight squeeze, but four people can easily sit around this portable table. 

Some versions of the table come with a chessboard printed on the top of the table, so game enthusiasts can have a side table that does more!


  • Can be ordered with a game board imprinted on the top 
  • Comes with four cup holders 
  • Folds out like a camping chair


  • Won’t work as a dinner table 
  • Built-in storage space is useless when the table is put away

GCI Compact Camp Table

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Double collapsing legs on this aluminum table allow the entire portable table to minimize the tabletop size, about 20″ x 20″. 

The legs of the GCI Compact Camp Table lock into place and serve as a great handle, and at just over 4 pounds, there’s no need for a carrying space. 

The two levels also pay dividends when it’s time to deploy the folding table. The lower level works incredibly well as a small table inside your RV, and is fully extended.

You can almost use this tiny table as a luxury cook station. You’ll find room for a camp stove, but not much more at one time. With a 60-pound weight capacity, these are the best camping tables pound for pound. 

It won’t quite reach the same height as a picnic table, and it would be slightly annoying as your only camping table, but there is a lot to love about the tiny size and affordable price of the GCI outdoor slim fold.


  • One of the smallest tables on the market
  • Perfect size as a table for inside a Class B RV 
  • Extends to two different heights 


  • Tough table to get perfectly level 
  • Not large enough to be a dining table 

Coleman Folding Table

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While they may not be the most technically advanced manufacturer out there, nobody provides more high-quality camping supplies than Coleman.

This ultra-light folding table is Coleman’s white-collar camping option. 

You won’t find many bells and whistles on this aluminum folding table. In fact, there’s not much on this table at all.

The whole thing only weighs  10 pounds and expands to create enough room for four people to play cards. All this folding table wants to do is set up shop and hold firm. 

The legs on this table aren’t very adjustable, and there aren’t variable heights. That means the table is always the right size and can be the best camping table out there for budget campers who don’t like making minute adjustments. 

If it’s coming from Coleman, we should know what to expect, an olive green and steel unit that makes camping better.


  • It’s the most middle-class table out there 
  • Sets up in moments
  • You’ll know exactly what you’re getting into 


  • A bit boring
  • Not adjustable

Choosing the best Camping Table 

You may have noticed that these camping tables took on loads of different shapes and sizes. These companies know that making one table do everything well is an impossible task, so manufacturers went in many different directions to craft their offerings. 

Let’s look at some standard specs and features that make camping tables stand out and see which factors are the most important for your camping trips. 

camping table with stove cooking

Packed Size

The packed size explains how much space your table will take up in the car. This is where you’ll see the most variability in camping tables, as some condense down to practically nothing while others don’t worry too much about going tiny. 

It’s also one of the most personal factors to consider when shopping for the best camping table.

Every table on our list packs down small enough to guarantee you can carry it for about a kilometer. After that, things get a bit harder. 

Campers looking to cart their tables to faraway sites or car camp out of a Honda Civic should consider packed size first when shopping for a camping table. 

Anyone not particularly stressed about storage space should consider only physical and spatial limitations and go for a table with enough surface space to comfortably cook dinner. No matter what table you buy, it’s going to take up a chunk of space in your trunk, so you might as well pick a table that makes your life easier. 

Ease of Setup

Ease of Setup is a crucial factor to consider when shopping. Some of the tables that promise to do it all can be a pain to set up at. We shy away from complicated installs, especially gear that we have to take apart every time we break camp. 

If your camping table came from our list, the set-up would be pain-free once you get used to the table, but not all tables are the same. 

Roll-top tables can be the most difficult to work with. Anything with more individual parts or adjustable legs will take a few extra minutes to get standing. For maximum ease of set-up, stick with the least complicated table possible.   

camping table set up next to trailer


You should build any piece of your camping ensemble to last. We don’t want to shop for a new table every year, and we’re willing to spend a few extra bucks to ensure our chosen table will be here for a while. 

Durability is important across every inch of your equipment. That means investing in aluminum or steel tables instead of those made up mostly of plastic. Most of these folding tables require a semi-complicated compression and expansion system.

If a few of those parts are plastic, they’re likely going to be the part of your table that breaks first. 

Surface Space

What do you need your table to do? It will either be an indoor/outdoor cook station, a dining table, an entertainment center, a side table, or a place for crap to pile up slowly. Some options come close to doing it all, but it’s best to have two tables that both fulfill different niches. 

We love using a more oversized dining table to set up and leave in one place all week and bringing along a compact side table to move around and make sure we’re never too far from a good table. 

A table suitable for cooking should make space for your camping stove plus enough surface space left over for at least a cutting board and a few kitchen tools. If you cook anything as we do, things tend to end up all over the place, so we like my tables to have plenty of surface space to spare. 

Weight Capacity

Your camping table has one job, and it performs well until it hits its weight capacity. Most camping tables out there and every table on our list can hold enough weight to support everything you need for a night of games or cooking dinner. 

The most potent tables can handle up to 700 pounds, but an ideal weight to reach is 100 lbs. There is no need to shop for much more than that unless you plan on using your camping gear as a utility table as well. 

Tables with extreme weight capacities will often weigh heavier to reinforce the legs, so it’s not worth sacrificing portability unless you have an excellent reason. 


That’s about all there is to say about the industry’s camping table leaders. This ultimate buying guide should give you a few legs to stand on when narrowing down the field and finding the perfect option for your next adventure. 

Here’s where our editor’s choice steps in. The Rei Co-op folding chair packs down well and opens up in a big way to help you enjoy your trip. 

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